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Charmed Episode 2x02:

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Morality Bites


Phoebe has a horrifying premonition of her own execution. The sisters cast a one-time-only spell to go to the future and change Phoebe's fate catapulting all three into the bodies of their future selves. Piper finds she has a lovely daughter and a failed marriage to Leo. Prue, a leather-clad blonde with lots of money and power, has little love in her life. Meanwhile, Phoebe learns she used her witchcraft to kill a man who was a brutal murderer. Using her witchcraft to punish the guilty has cost more than her own life, it has also spurred a powerful politician to turn the incident into a futuristic witch-hunt for all witches. Despite their efforts Prue and Piper can't save Phoebe from being burned at the stake, but instantly the sisters are back in 1999, all safe and sound. Learning their lesson, the Halliwell sisters vow not to become the future selves they met.



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<Prue> Like hell.
<Piper> Prue, relax. We've seen what your new powers can do when you're angry.
<Prue> He's gonna stay frozen right ?
<Piper> If he knows what's good for him, he'll stay frozen.

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