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Charmed Episode 1x10:

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Wicca Envy


The Halliwell sisters are unwittingly under the control of Prue's devious boss and secret warlock Rex (guest star Neil Roberts). Using astral projection, Rex frames Prue for stealing a priceless tiara. As evidence mounts, Andy is forced to put Prue in jail. The sisters suspect Piper's new handyman boyfriend; Phoebe complicates matters by dating Rex. The sisters plot a quick jailbreak so they can catch Rex and his cohort in action. The spell is broken, and the two criminals go up in a puff of smoke. Andy is quick to see that Prue is innocent and drops the charges. Piper's new flame Leo makes a sincere and mysterious exit from her life.



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<Phoebe> If you ran an Employment Agency, wouldn't you want me?
<Prue> Maybe, but I'd definitely want my suit back.
<Phoebe> No, this is part of your old wardrobe. I'm just recycling.
<Prue> Well, the environment thanks you.
<Phoebe> But, take it off, I know, I know.
(later at quake)
<Piper> Hey, how was the concert?
<Phoebe> The best. It was amazing.
<Prue> Still recycling. I see.

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