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Charmed Episode 1x06:

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The Wedding From Hell


The sisters feel evil brewing when a priest dies before a high-society wedding that Piper is catering. Uncomfortable with the priest's mysterious death, Prue investigates a special knife that disappeared when he died. It appears the bride was responsible for the priest's death and is a demon. This bride is not interested in eternal bliss but in creating more demonic offspring by putting the innocent groom under a spell to marry her. A supernatural fight ensues between the bride-to-be, her demonic wedding party and the Halliwell sisters. The demons have the magical knife that disappeared, and in the commotion, the spellbound groom ends up with the powerful weapon. The knife breaks the spell and the groom points the blade towards his former demonic fiancée and pals who get sucked into its point. During this maternal adventure Phoebe has a disturbing dream. Could Phoebe's dream about Piper carrying Jeremy's baby be just a nightmare or a premonition? He was, after all, her boyfriend for a while before they realized he was a demon and destroyed him.



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<Rex Buckland> Prue, your, um, sister is here to see you. She's waiting in your office.
<Prue> Which sister?
<Rex Buckland> The one who upon seeing your office, said "Damn, I should go back to college."
<Prue> Phoebe.

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