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Charmed Episode 1x03:

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Thank You For Not Morphing


Barely have the sisters discovered their new powers when their long-lost father resurfaces in their lives. How convenient! Piper and Phoebe never really knew Victor Halliwell, but Prue remembers all too well how he walked out on them. Prue is very suspicious as to why Victor returned. She gives Victor major attitude when she suspects he's returned to steal The Book of Shadows. It seems like everyone's in the market for a good book, because the shape-shifting neighbors have their sights set on the volume as well. They appear to be three single twenty-somethings, but when no one's looking they turn into attack dogs, Prue's boyfriend, and dear old Dad, all in an attempt to steal the book. After working out some sticky family issues, the sisters unite their powers to save Pops and vanquish the nasty shape-shifters. But before you can say, "Happy Father's Day," Victor has vanished from their lives again sending a video tape instead and the sisters are doing it for themselves -- again. Leo first appears in this episode as their Handyman.



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