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Charmed Episode 1x02:

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I've Got You Under My Skin


The sisters attempt to keep their special powers in check. This proves especially challenging for Phoebe, who can't resist peeking into the future when it comes to an attractive guy. Trudeau and Morris hunt for a man who abducts women, unaware he's an evil being who feeds off women's beauty and has set his sights on a Halliwell sister. That guy may look like hip New York photographer Stefan (guest star Michael Philips) but is actually Javna, a deadly demon with an eye for young ladies. He maintains his eternal youth by sucking away their life force, using the oldest line in the book ("Are you a model?") and Phoebe falls for it. Prue rekindles her high-school romance with Andy and lands a prestigious job at an auction house but is struggling to keep her new-found witch status under wraps. Piper worries about being a good person while being a witch are calmed when she enters a church unscathed. Phoebe narrowly escapes Javna's evil eye when Prue and Piper come to her rescue. Javna is the Halliwell sisters first lesson that they have more than warlocks to worry about and much more to learn about their powers.



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<Darry> (to Andy after he has noticed his new hair style) Well, better tell your sweetie to lock the doors tonight.
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<Piper> Prue is gona be pissed.
<Phoebe> Newsflash! Stop worrying. You'll get wrinkles.

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