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Charmed Folge 3x03:

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Von Feen und Trollen


Piper is heartbroken, angry and stubbornly declares a strike against The Powers That Be that whisked Leo away while Phoebe stumbles upon a troubled young girl who is harboring an imaginary fairy princess. With the help of a little fairy dust, that reverts Prue and Phoebe to true childlike behavior, they realize that evil trolls really are attacking her in the "tweens," the in-between spaces, like doorways, windows and the ultimate "tween" at midnight, in-between day and night. Piper finally agrees to help, but, the trolls have changed the girl into a fairy and have taken her and the fairy princess to a mystical cave. With the help of a spell so they can see their imaginary friends and foes, the witches follow a guiding fairy to the trolls cavern. With a little Phoebe-flight, Prue-throwing and Piper-freezing, the trolls are soon gone in a puff of smoke. Yet, the young girl wants to run away from home and stay a fairy. In a heartfelt effort, Piper confesses her own loss of faith and convinces the little girl to come back to the Earthly realm. Although Piper is still heartbroken, she realizes that her stubbornness almost cost a little girl her life. The Powers That Be are impressed with Piper's courage and let Leo return, giving the couple a chance to prove their love won't get in the way of protecting the innocent. Meanwhile, Phoebe's new friend Cole appears to be a supernatural fiend after the Book of Shadows.



   #457 -  [ -9 ]  +   x up down
<Piper> Phoebe, Telefon! Dein kleiner Freund der Staatsanwalt.
<Phoebe> Er ist nicht mein kleiner Freund!
<Piper> Wenn du's sagst!
(Phoebe nimmt das Telefon)
<Phoebe> Hallo!
<Cole> (hat die letzten Sätze mitbekommen) Wer ist nicht Ihr Freund?
<Phoebe> Äh, ähm, der Postbote!
   #458 -  [ -9 ]  +   x up down
<Piper> Verratet mir, welcher Zauberspruch da nach hinten losgegangen ist!
<Prue> Wir, wir haben nicht gezaubert.
<Phoebe> Nein, nein! Wir sind ganz unschuldig, uns wurde Feenstaub in die Augen gestreut.
<Piper> Feenstaub?
<Phoebe> Ja!
<Piper> Gut, dann wirst du jetzt sofort zu Peter Pan fliegen und das ganze rückgängig machen!
   #298 -  [ -13 ]  +   x up down
<Phoebe> Du musst vor Mitternacht hier sein, sonst..
<Piper> ... versohlt dir die Zahnfee den Hintern, weil du nicht ordentlich geputzt hast?

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